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I know for sure Im adopted illegally.
They forged the birth cert.i was thinking of getting a dna test.
I hear loads people talking bout who my father is.
I know hes dead.i need proof.
When I mentioned it before they locked me up


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If born in the UK your birth is registered with the Birth and Registries Department - this has now changed name and in the UK you can find information for FREE.

Beware there are many websites who charge a fortune for accessing birth certificates, death, marriage and so on.

Anyhow, your birth certificate is held by the government - so you can access it for whatever reasons. Some need a copy - others I'm sure like yourself will be curious.

IF you are adopted, you may not know your original name (babies would never know) but as an adult you are entitled now to find out.

From the UK Gov website...

"Since 1927, all adoptions granted by the courts in England and Wales, and some overseas adoptions, are recorded in the Adopted Children Register. The register is not open to public search or inspection, but adopted persons and parents can apply to receive adoption certificates."

See here for adoption rights.

If you were adopted illegally - there are cases of young women giving birth and relatives raising the child and other ways a child can be secured I am sure.

If you are not recorded as having a birth certificate or adoption papers - then I guess you could perhaps convince your parents to have a DNA test.

I also know of cases were people have surreptitiously taken DNA samples - generally fathers looking to see if they match a child - this costs around £150 or so - but there might be cheaper options. With the DNA kits - you take samples - send off to a lab - and get basic details about DNA matches - i.e. a daughter could be matched or not to a father and father also.

Hope this helps.

PS - sometimes we might THINK we are adopted - happens when we fall out with parents. However, you asked a question and I take you seriously enough to answer.

Good luck - be diplomatic though! No shouting matches with mum. You never win anyhow! (I should know)
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