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    My therapist is pushing me to take a DBT group because when they discharged me from hospital, the hosptal strongly encouraged it. I went out and bought the dbt workboooks that I could find and finished one. I shared it with her in our last sesssion on Monday. She praised me for doing so much work. It was my understan ding that since I bought the books annd reviewed them with her, I wouldnt have to do the group. She hinted that her agency may not provide services to me if I refuse to go to the group. Can they refuse to see me if I dont do that group? I am so close to throwing both books away.
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    Not sure I follow...could you clarify?
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    I was involuntarlily hospitalized 2 weeks ago. When I was discharged, the dr strongly encouraged me to go to a DBT group.

    I was already seeing a therapist before I was put in the hospital. Her agemcy does not offer DBT group, bit another local agency does. I was not interested in going to the group, but did go out and buy 2 books an DBT and read one of them and completed the excersises in it. I shared it with my therapist on Monday. It was my understanding that if I did the workbooks and shared them with her, then she would not push for the group.

    At my counseling appt this morning, she asled if I had contacted the DBT group. I told her that I thought if I did trhe workbooks with her, then I would not have to do the group. She told me that because it was on my hosptial discharge papers about attending the group, then her agency wants me to go. She hinted that if I did not go, then her agency may discharge me from their counseling and med dr.

    Can they refuse to see me if I choose not to go to this group?
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    Absolutely. They can determine you are outside of their expertise and refer you to another counselor elsewhere. They are under no obligation to treat you.
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    My therapist and psychiatrist wont back down on the DBT group. Even though it costs 40.00 and my insurance doesnt cover it. Even though the group gets out at 8pm, and I work all day and have a 45 minutes commute home. Now, my family doc is saying I have to do everything that my therapist says or they will discharge me as a patient too.

    I guess they would rather see me get discharged from their practicces, not have my medication and end up in the hospital again, maybe. Thats if my attempt fails. Which I will make sure it wont.