Need Courage To Commit My "Final Exit"

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by undeserving to live, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. I have been extremely suicidal for the past two weeks...I have planned this out, wrote all my good bye letters, and handled all my financial obligations...I have just finished writing my will...I now just need the courage to complete this...
  2. kote

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    welcome to suicide forum, youre in a safe place now.
    what has brought you to this point?
    i can see that you are a very organised person and that must mean caring too!!!
    ive been extremey on edge for 2 weeks also with a failed attempt. but what ive learnt is the pain ive caused others.
    please share with us all here - we all are understanding and compansionate.
    no one will judge you and we will have all the time in the world to listen to you.
    please rest and take care!!!
  3. I have done all my research and read many articles and books...Its not a matter of how its a matter of when I'll succumb to my demons inside...The inevitable will happen...Life is a gift from God...I know this all to well...But I'm content and happy with ending it all now...There is no reason to continue to endure pain and suffering...If life is such a gift why is that we all have to deal with a world of hurt...
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    Just letting you know that SF is a pro-life site, so what we'll offer you here is a listening ear, people to support you and listen to what you have to say.
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    Im so sorry that you are feeling so bad. What has brought you to the point that you feel the only way to deal with your pain is to commit suicide? Please stay safe and take care xx
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    Need courage to stay hun there is help reach for it get you strong again okay You do not want life to end you want the sadness and pain to end and it can with help Hugs to you stay here awhile okay lots of caring people here you can pm me anytime i will listen hugs toyou
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    Instead of succumbing to your demons inside, how about having the courage to defeat them? You know you have what it takes to win the battle…and if you believe in God, you know God is on your side when you fight against the demons…

    You are still young. You can start all over again. You have family and friends who care about you. You have a degree in culinary arts and you are working on your degree in nutrition. There are more opportunities for everything in New York…

    You know you care about your family and friends. Some goodbye letters are far from easing the pain they (especially your parents) would have for the rest of their life if you made your “final exit”. I’m sure you know that!!

    You know there are other options. It may not be easy to get back up, but you know you have the power to. Also, with the lessons learned from your experiences, you can do better next time in all those aspects…

    I encourage to have a look at the video clip below:

    He has no arms and no legs. He fell...but he got back up!!

    You said you want peace. Who would feel the peace then? The soul? As far as I know, no soul would choose suicide…

    Please give yourself some time. How you think and feel will change - you know this is true…

    Please hang in there!!
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