Need help but scared of hospitalization

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  1. I am very scared that I may act on the thoughts I am having. If I decide to put myself in the hospital can they make me take medication even if I don't want to? How long can I be held if I want to leave? Will I lose my constitutional rights like my freedom? Would it matter if I was voluntary or involuntary? ( I am in the USA) Thank You
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    If you are hospitalized either voluntarily or involuntarily you will have to follow rules (such as when and where you can be places) so I guess yes will lose your freedom. Here in US you cannot be forced to take medication, however if you are a danger to others and refuse treatment that can hold you until such time as you spontaneously get better and really that rarely happens. For being a danger to yourself only that is only "imminent danger" and so long as you do not insist you intend to kill self as soon as you leave then would be able to leave regardless of having taken any treatment. Regardless it is usually far easier to leave hospital than to get in any way so do not think just because you feel suicidal and tell them you want treatment that a residential treatment will be made available to you, if you do get residential treatment it is most likely only going to be 3-7 days for stabilization - very very seldom is one able to get actual treatment as opposed to stabilization and told to form a plan for actual treatment when get out. In the US , getting your insurance to pay for long term residential treatment will be very difficult for most - and in the UK getting an actual psychiatrist as opposed to regular doctor is actuially quite a victory.

    If you do not want treatment (which in most cases does include meds) then I am unsure what you are looking for to make things feel better. No place is going to suddenly solve every problem in the world and you would find no matter how many problems are solved depression would simply make you react as if there are still more problems. That is why rich , poor, married , single, with job without, lots of friends, no friends, etc etc etc ALL suffer from depression - it is an illness or diseases - and without treatment if it has persisted for more than a few months already it likely is not going to spontaneously go away.

    If you don't want meds - then what is it you call treatment? If you want to get better and do not want meds do you think counseling alone will help? I does for some. So are you getting counseling or therapy?
  3. Thanks for reply NYJ. Yes I have a psychiatrist and a counselor. I have had two therapists prior. I have tried many meds and none have helped, some made me worse and I hated them. My counselor suggested I call the Samaritans yesterday and I am scared they will turn me in. I guess I don't know what I want or what to do. I am just very scared of acting on my thoughts, I came close a week ago and now things are really crashing down all around me and I don't know how I am going to react to all the stress.
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    The suicide help lines are usually good listeners. Talking may help take down the intensity of these feelings for a short while at least. If you tell them you have a plan and are likely to put it into place, they may be obligated to take measures. So if you want avoid that risk of hospital, talk without reference to specific actions or intentions. You can talk about your feelings though and maybe that will help in the short term till you get longer term help figured out. I believe they can hold you for 72 hours for involuntary.
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    I also need help badly, but am scared. I have a chance to go to a place that is kind of like being in the hospital, but I've been there before and the hospital twice and it didn't help me. I've been trying to decide for the past few days whether to go or not, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to go. Mostly because I don't want to subject myself to that environment if it isn't going to help. I would go for sure if I thought it would help, but I think that it would just be a waste of time because I've already been on all kinds of meds and that's all that they will do for me is give me meds. On the other hand I really want to go because I need help really badly. I just wish that I was dead so that I didn't have to deal with all this crap.
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    It took a year of constant trying before my doctor found a drug combination that worked for me, and I'm still having problems with anxiety. What I'm saying is, my experience tells me that unlike a headache, where you can take an Aspirin and feel better half hour later - meds for depression can take weeks to kick in. And then, of course, they might not work - so you have another go around.

    Once you find something that works, or partially works, it's totally worth it. So take all the help you can get, because anything is better than doing nothing. If you do nothing, then nothing will change. Good luck.
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    Its scary the first time around but a positive step towards getting the help/resources you need.

    No they do not force medications but they will more likely push it but they will not use it against you.
  8. Thank you all for your responses. I know I need help badly and it is good to know some people care. Situations in my life are unbearable right now and on top of depression I don't see anyway out of them. Last week, they are not voices in my head but my own thoughts, I was telling myself 'do it, just do it, get it over with, make all this just go away'. It was the closest I have ever come to acting on my thoughts, which are almost constant. It really scared the hell out of me. I feel like such a failure and a coward. I have a son that needs me but I feel worthless as a father, I am letting everybody down. Day in and day out with all this pain. I hate waking up every day, I hate my life, and most of all I hate myself. And I fight hard against giving in to booze or drugs, I just don't know how this will all end, probably not well.
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    sufferinginsilence, I've been hospitalized several times and have had wildly varying experiences, based on the hospital in question. It is worth doing a little research to find out what kind of hospitalization programs are nearby and even traveling a little, if you can, to get a good one that your insurance will pay for. Can't recommend this enough. Some hospitals will warehouse you and others will actively try to help you address those situations that are so unbearable for you right now. Things sound very hard and I hope you find some relief soon.
  10. Thank you ChestnutMay
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    ChestnutMay, how do I go about researching hospitals? I'm in DESPERATE need of some help but don't know where to start.

  12. ChestnutMay

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    Hi TinyDancer,

    The best hospital I ever stayed in offered the following:

    1.daily check-ups with the shrink to go over medication
    2. individual therapy with a psychologist at least twice a week
    3. individual meetings with an LCSW at least 3X a week to go over the nuts and bolts issues that were causing such distress - these also helped interact with family members and set up family meetings. Mine even got the IRS off my back for 3 months!
    4. daily trips outside for fresh air and exercise (in our case basketball)
    5. computer access (cell phones finally prohibited when patient took photos and dispersed them)
    6 phone access
    7 daily group therapy
    8 two kinds of art therapy
    9 education on mental health issues - coping mechanisms, underlying biological basis etc
    10. journaling
    11 staff who treated you with respect
    12 open access to washers and dryers, television and pantry/refrigerator
    13. elected members from patients whose jobs were represent patient needs
    14 exercise equipment
    15. access to a keyboard for the musical
    16 quiet rooms where you could go to be alone
    17. loads of books, puzzles and DVDs

    Those are the kinds of things that make a difference and most programs don't have all of them, although I was in a second one that came close. Others were basically warehouses/

    To find a program that has some or all (or even more) of these features:

    1. Talk to a therapist or psychiatrist you can trust to be honest with you about pros and cons of hospitals in the area- you don't have to be a patient, this person could be a friend, or friend of a friend.

    2. You can try calling hotlines or 211 and asking for a list of nearby hospitals with psych wards - and ask the volunteer what he or she can tell you specifically about each program. Google the hospitals listed and check out their web sites. Some will have patient reviews on them. Also check out any stories about them that pop up on google. And ask them about their programs - see what they offer and what kind of restrictions they have in place.

    3. If you PM me, I'll give you the names of two places I stayed at that were excellent, plus a third with a top notch reputation. These people know what's available nationally and might know of a good place near you

    I'm sure there are other ways too,but that's all that come to mind off the top of my head.

    Good lucK!
  13. Let me know of that, too, please. I live in Virginia.
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    Linuxwebdeveloper, since you live in Virginia, the Center ( might work out for you. They are one of the top PTSD units in the country, a part of The Psychiatric Institute of Washington. Call them and ask to speak to the director as she decides who gets accepted. Surprisingly, they often have beds available so you might be able to get in pretty quickly. This is the best hospital I've ever stayed at and it helped me enormously. Fellow patients are great, too. If the director thinks your situation doesn't fit their clinic, she might be able to recommend a good fit for you elsewhere.

    Good luck!
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