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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Robbie 121, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Robbie 121

    Robbie 121 Active Member

    hey everyone its me Robbie, i no i havnt been on here since god knows when, i would not be suprised if i was forgotten, but i need some help

    one of my real good friends is having some problems, her boyfriend broke up with her 2 weeks ago and shes just been a mess since, everyone is annoyed of her whining about how her bf broke up with her, im not, but shes loosing many friends now, and nobody wants to talk to her except me, and earlier today she told me that she was considering harming herself, i paniced, shes a really good friend, so i kept telling her not to and that she wont accomplish anything (i used to cut myself and other self harm, but i dont anymore and now that i look back on it, it was the dumbest thing i ever did)
    i dont no what to do! please i need help, i really care for her, i was actually considering asking her out to a upcoming dance!

    im getting worried because if she wants to harm herself im scared she will consider suicide, her dad killed himself 7 years ago, and im scared she might to

    please can someone give me some tips to stop her from harming herself
    could someone maybe tell me other options besides self harm for letting out emotional pain?

    this would help alot

  2. be there for your friend as much as you possibly can? i know its diffiuclt to cope with when someone you care about feels this way..
    have you thought of maybe searching some altunatives to selfharm? such as an elasticband? or pen? or ice? they dont really do any real damnage

    im sorry to hear your friends having such a rough time but im sure with a friend like you she'll make it through..

    she could write down all her feelings in a diary? or on a private internet blog? just to get them off of her chest?
  3. Robbie 121

    Robbie 121 Active Member

    i told her she should keep a diary, she said that she doesnt want to keep a diary or write

    im trying to show her that people care about her, i just burned to movies to give her tomorrow at school so when she gets home she can watch them to get her mind off of everything
  4. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    You, being her best freind & all, should be watching/listening to her for signs that things are getting worse, rather than gettin better. The only advise I could give is if she is suicidal & self harming she needs treatment for it. I'm sure if things got really bad and you told her this she would listen to you & get help.

    Take Care
  5. crazy

    crazy Well-Known Member

    Just be there as a good freind letting her know if she wants to talk about it youll deffinately be there to listen....another thing, if she doesn't want to write does she draw? sometimes that can help
  6. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    im not into self harm but im guessing if she needs an alternative, she should get an epilator, its painful as F***!!! but at least its safer. not that im promoting it, dont want to start any addictions here.

    being there for her will definately help, i can say from experience, having that one friend i could be really depressed around, not have to smile all the time, not have to do anything w/ when i didnt have the strength, just to have someone there, was great. dont put any pressure on her to feel better instantly tho, she will need time to mourn her loss in her own way.
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