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Need Help....worried for friend

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Hi. I am worried about my friend whom is considering suicide. I got her to talk about it. After talking I called her phycisians office and let them know but with privacy act was not allowed to discuss it with me. My friend has 40 0.25mg of Xanax and says she is going to take them and this amount would do the job to let her go to sleep and not wake up. will this amt do this? Doesnt seem a lot to me but I needed to know. I am trying to talk with her and change her mind. I have gone as far as to search around her place looking for them to take them off her but have had no luck. She told me if I told anyone she would deny this and say I am trying to make trouble for her. I dont want this to happen. I feel if I stay close then I can watch her closer. If I alienate her from me, I would feel sooooo terrible if something happened. But I feel that she is speaking with me to vent this and reaching out for help.
Thanks for your input.


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What a very difficult situation...you are such a good friend...I think you should continue to talk to her, and see if she would want to chat here...is there anyone that you could confide in that would ask her how she feels without telling that you suggested this? Also know, that you are doing the best you can...please PM me if I can help...big hugs, Jackie
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