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need help

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Hello, after a night of no sleep and suicidal thoughts, I can admit I need help. Mostly I normally will say to myself its bad, but can always get worse and id never will admit depression to myself or anyone else. And now i will . I m very lonely and everytime I try to change i fuck up, and i feel sick of changing and keep thinking suicide.
Im sorry to hear that u r so down at the moment, but im glad that u r admitting u need help. thats a big step forward and u can start ur recovery today! :smile: Get urself in contact with a councillor, get on medication, do whatever u can while ur in this mindset!


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yeah don't let pass more time! go!
and find a new hobby that keeps your mind busy- make a list of all the things that make you happy - they don't have to be big things- like for example me- butterflies makes me happy :') i tatooed one in my arm and bought many stickers..

*hugs* hope you can recover soon!
Yea, a hobby sounds cool. I'm not anti-psychiatry, but its not for me, nor are pharmaceuticals. i was a heavily medicated kid. but totally, a hobby to occupy all my idle time and maybe a better job with more hours. Thanks again.
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