Need I Bother My Doctor? (Trigger warning)

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by ThePhantomLady, Mar 4, 2016.

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  1. ThePhantomLady

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    A month ago I finished a 'project'... a very sick project that took several days... I won't give too many details for fear of inspiring someone... but I cut the top of my hand. Years back I did that with my other hand. But this one was a lot deeper... it didn't bleed much, which I found odd...

    There's also an element of chemical burn to the scar, again I am trying to avoid details... but I tried to make it worse by putting something into the bandaid... and pressed it with my thumb. I repeated the process for days... until I finally got out of the rut and fought to allow it to heal. It got infected though... but in the end it started to heal up and become a scar.

    It's been red since, the skin that finally formed over the cut was very thin and I assume see-through.
    It didn't help that I then sprained my wrist... which is starting to feel better now.

    I woke up yesterday and got a fright. I had managed to be sleeping on my hand. When I looked at it, the scar had turned black. over the day it faded a bit to purple... now it's dark brown.

    I have been looking it up online, and I've found everything from it being a normal thing in deep scar healing, over Keloid scaring to infection.

    It has been very sore, even before I laid on it... I have been wondering if I managed to hurt the muscle tissue in the hand?

    I feel like I've been seeing my doctor a bit too often lately... and I fear being misdiagnosed if I don't tell them what actually happened a month ago...

    I told my mother I burned my hand on my oven when she asked, and she completely believed me. But a chemical burn is a lot different to a heat burn.
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    You need to see a doctor hon. The fact that it was black is not a good sign at all. Your hand is important (so is the rest of you, but losing function in your hand would be problematic) so go see a doctor, get it looked at and get it sorted out. And stop hurting yourself!! You don't deserve to hurt! (I know it isn't that easy but it needed to be said)

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