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i need to know what would happen if i reported my suicidal friend. his family, especialy his mother, is emotionaly abusive. once they know he is suicidal he cannot go back to them because they would make his life hell. this is no joke, i mean true hell. he is already going through enough shit and his emotional state has rapidly deteriorated to the point where he is hearing voices most of the time and hallucinating occasionally. he is miserable and has tried in earnest to kill himself several times and was only prevented by a few mistakes and an accident. i must know what would happen if i reported him. im sorry if this is not the place to ask but i cannot find this information anywhere and i am desperate. i wont put him through having his parents interrogate him. i need to find a way to make sure that he comes out of this the better for not having died. if he would regret living all his life than it isnt worth it.
I am not sure where you live exactly, but here in the U.S., and the state I live in, they would recommend hospitalization. I don't know if they could or would force it though, they may need a family member to do that. You should try a crisis line if you have one, most places have at least an 800# line, or some are local. If your friend is old enough to decide for himself, then he could refuse any treatment offers from any source. If he is a minor, then you could maybe talk to his councelor at school or call social services and explain his mental status and abusive home life, they may be able to help too.
Other than that, all you can do is be there for him, but if he needs an advocate, please try to find the sources I have mentioned.
Good Luck to you both.
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