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  1. wheresmysheep

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    I'm all over teh fucking place.
    I ahve a psych appointment tomorrow, it has been moved a month FORWARD cause i saw my GP last thursday, and she was alarmed by my mood and behavior. She feels i am bipolar. Which is what ive always felt i had, so has only taken 6years for them to see it too.
    But anyway, she wrote a letter and sent it herself to the psychiatrist, normally she gets me to send it. so she got the appointment moved.
    I'm just all over the place. Cause i cant focus, and i cant calm. I'll have a momnet of "calm" but it feels a bit more like a sadness. and then im back up flying around unable to sit still mind racing etc.
    And i dont want to go out to college as i dont want them thinking im a freak. cause when i start talking i dont shut up and i dont stop and i laugh stupidly and fuckign ahdgfugswfjebwrhjbfejrg
    then i ahve thing with stephen aagin. And i dont know if its just reopening the hurt. or if it will work. I want it to work. The love wont go away. and i cant move on with the love still there. Hes also the only person to not leave me, to be here and support me as best HE can.
    I just dont know i cant fucking think at all for fucks sajkes
  2. Kiba

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    well... >_O At least ur seeing someone soon.... Just hold till then I guess.. :unsure: erm... you can always write crazy letters to urself on paper.. uh.. and I'm like that or was with the talking on ADD meds... hrm... I couldn't shut up and ppl kept getting pissed at me in school cuz I couldn't shut up and listen to the teacher.. erm... hopefully you get some help.. maybe write a blog that makes no sense at all to get some out... idk... good luck. :hug: ._.
  3. Fitzy

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    That's three big things to deal with.
    Would it help to focus your mind on planning for your psych appt? Write it all down - no matter how crazy it seems - all your thoughts and feelings. Write down what you want from the psych so that you retain some control.
    Good luck! X
  4. Fluffypingu

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    i hate to say this sheep but it sounds like bipolar hun hope u finally get the treatment u need good luck hugs aimee
  5. wheresmysheep

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    It was a waste of time. a fecking Farce!!!
    I hadnt ever seen the psych before, we get a team fo 3 with 2 that change every 6months, and i saw one of the guys who change. he didnt know ANY of my history. asked if i had every attempted suicide or self harmed
    Like thats in my fucking file! FFS. :dry: :grr:
    They want me to take olanzepine. and they'll be sending someone to see me?? but i havent a fucking clue who, cause i couldnt understand him. he was from nigeria or soemthing, and he also told me this over the phone at 5pm today.
    ugh. just fecking drained. and im being told to move my docs to dublin, but i dont trust any other GP... UGH!!!