Need professional help but don't want to mention suicide

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    I have had suicidal thoughts for years. I think I am depressed, but it am basically functioning, I have a job and a family, it's just that nothing is much fun and for every problem there is killing myself comes to my mind as a pretty good solution. I'm in no immediate danger of following through with it as I know how devastating this would be to my kids. I just can't harm them like that. However it is depressing in itself that this is the only thing keeping me alive.
    I have been to therapy a year ago, but I didn't mention my suicidal thoughts. I don't want to set any procedures in motion by mentioning that and fall into a category of "danger to myself or others" and have a permanent record of this. However, without this background my overall story doesn't sound very severe, and the therapy was nice, but didn't affect much.
    How can I best get help without ringing any alarm bells and starting any government involvement? I live in California. I think I need a more detailed in-depth treatment.

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    Hi Jeremy, I'm sorry to hear your having this problem. Just wonder if you've received any treatment for the depression in the way of medication. Also, the suicidal thoughts began as a result of the depression, is that correct? I don't live in the US so I'm not sure about their laws on privacy. I believe it's okay to tell your therapist that you've had these thoughts without them instigating any drastic measures. Now if you had a plan and were intending to do it, that would be different. All you have are the thoughts and I believe many people have these thoughts from time to time when going through depression. You've stated that you want to live and you indeed have reasons to with your family. It might be better to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and work on the depression issue and go from there. I could be wrong but I don't think it will activate any alarm bells. I'm sure someone with more experience in the your country will respond with more accurate information. Anyway, I welcome you to the forum and glad that you are taking steps to remedy your situation. Best of luck.
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    Thank you for being so candid with your thoughts and experiences. It is good to hear that you’re seeking help. You sharing that you have suicidal thoughts doesn’t put you at risk for your information to be disclosed. I understand that you have been seeing an therapist-I say use your therapeutic alliance to your advantage to thrive mentally. Having had rapport with your therapist for a year is beneficial for mutual trust and respect. It is imperative you share your suicidal thoughts to your counselor so it doesn’t actualize. I hope this helps. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.
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    I understand how scary it can be disclosing that you have suicidal thoughts but to be honest, if you don't plan on acting them, have a plan, method, date etc. then your doctors will put you down as a low risk of harm to yourself and others. Yes, suicidal thoughts are a symptom of depression but as long as they just remain thoughts and you don't begin acting on them, you should be fine disclosing them to your doctor. You need to be completely honest with your doctors/therapists so they can help you properly. Hiding things just means they can't give you the best treatment or help you based on what you actually need and experience.
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    I recently told my doctor that I had suicidal thoughts. But like has been said above, without plans on acting on them nothing drastic will happen. I was given meds again and asked to get weapons out of the house. You have to be dang serious about it before they will force you to a hospital.