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need some advice please

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on tuesday i have my first session with a psychologist
and on friday i have my first session with a psychiatrist

im not sure exactly what each of these do and not sure what to expect from my first time with them...if someone could help me please...that would be great

Both will probably ask you some basic questions about yourself. The psychologist will concentrate more on your issues and the psychiatrist on which meds, if any would be the best for your situation. The psychologist may have you take something like the Mulan, which helps them determine if you have depression and the severity, bipolar tendencies, etc. Not a great deal can be done at these first sessions. The psychologist will ask you questions and see how willing you may be to share things. Each person is different, so it is hard to say exactly what might happen with them. Be as honest as you can, and remember they are there for you.Don't let them push you farther than you are willing to go. I hope this helps a little bit. :hug:
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