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  1. drew09

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    got a major issue split with my ex about a year ago who i was with for 5 like years basically the only girl i ever loved, and i cant seem to get interested in havin sex with other girls iam straight but when it comes down to it their is to many things goin around in my head and i end up makein excuses up and endin up mates with girls sooo frustrating. never speak to me ex only see her know and again but dont even let on coz we hate each other, really depressin me that iam not gettin close to girls i like its happened like 5 times wer i have acted stupid to get out of the situation and i have a date next week wer i know its gonna happen again :confused:
  2. Maaso

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    So your upset because you cant move on over your ex? And you have a date coming up and you want to get some of that strange but you cant because of your ex?

    I understand your hurting right now and in need of help, but that grammer is tough to get anything out of. I'm not trying to hark you about it, but its out of hand.
  3. drew09

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    hard to explain ive accepted that its over wit my ex ...... i know ive got my own life to live ect with girls i always get to the stage of about to have sex then i get alot of thoughts about my depression then i make excuses up to get away from the situation.. its all in me ed but dont know what it is could be insecure.... or maybe not over me ex..... or scared of commiting to somethink propper confusing and its causin me to get more depressed :confused:
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    If your not ready to have sex with 'em, then dont.
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    I think you needa give it more time. dont force these things.. just keep trying and remember NOT to give up because among the many there will be one that's worth it and she will be able to open you up again. you just gotta meet that one girl who can reach you.. and if she does, she will be worth it :)