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Need Some Help..

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I have been suffering from depression since I was 12, and a few years ago, I was going to commit suicide, but a friend talked me out of it. I've been fine for awhile now, but recently, my boyfriend has been having suicidal thoughts and actions, and lately, I have been too. Everyone is really worried for us, but I just can't stand it. Dave [my bf] has been going through some tough family things, and things just keep piling up. He is the only thing keeping me here, and I'm the only thing keeping him here, too, but lately, its just been too much. Anybody have any advice? Thanks.
Love, Laura ♥
hi laura

firsty welcome to the forum

sounds like your both each others rock, ermm the only thing i can suggest is maybe both of you going to get help together or seperate.

getting it together may work for you, then you have each other to lean on


consider getting rid of him. men are easy, so you should be able to find a new one.

on the other hand, we can only feel at home with people screwed up in a way similar to our first parental units. so maybe you should stick with him...

it seems like if you guys do individual and couple therapy and and take lots of meds and have sex a lot you should do ok...
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why should she get rid of him, he loves her, she loves him, the support each other

and what has sex got to do with this, sex doesn't stop anyone thinking about kill themselfs


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it dose me...i am way less suicidal when i am gheting it regularly, the release of enorphins is a great treatment for depression...
I can't leave him. I'd feel awful, because I know if I did, he would definetly kill himself. And I'm going to have to agree with Vicky on the sex part, what does that have to do with it xD Thanks guys.


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Do you really love each other? Explain it to him if it's true. Tell him to stay mindful of his sadness, and that the idea of you (or some love/happiness) can pull him through it.
Good luck.
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