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  1. Hey

    A couple of weeks ago i was upset and tried to cut off my breath..I know i did not want to die but i had the feeling of wanting to die and the emotions but i had a thought at the back of my head knowing i wouldnt do it. So i just left it their for a bit of time with a bit of air to breath. Barely enough. but i knew i didnt want to die. Could this be me just releasing my anger and pain for a split second?
  2. I wouldnt have eanted to die i was secure with not wanting to die i just went threw the motions and feelings as if someone would want too.. This might be a cumpulsion...Im not sure..Any feedback would be good
  3. I know i would never push myself that far any time in the future..So i need to know if it was a release thing for me. I never want to even do what i explained again becuae it makes my intentions seem like i wanted to die..when i dont. And this scares me
  4. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    I suppose this could be a very extreme form of self harm. If you don't plan on repeating it, try not to dwell on it too much or that may drive you to do it again. If you do feel that you would repeat it at some point, then get help - I know you've said you wouldn't do it again, but this is something to think about just in case you do.

    Is there any chance you could talk to someone about what had upset you, and how it's affecting you now? Even typing here's better than nothing in that regard.

  5. I wouldnt but if i did. I still wouldnt want to go through with it to die. Yea it sounds like maybe at the heat of the moment you will lose yourself and do it. I wasnt thinking clearly when starting it but when i reachedd the point of doing it i know this isnt what im about. I still had the thought even before doing it i know i wasnt going to die thats why i acted it out like that.
  6. I knew all along i didnt want to die but i acted like i did. Iv never cut or anythuing like that ever in my life and never will. I asked myself do you really want to die and i know i diddnt but just chilled like that to think. I could breathe in an out and everything. It was off of impulse. I know i did not want to actually die when this impulse made me act out like that.
  7. Terry

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    Erm somewhat say u cut off your breath:unsure::blink:
    Can't go into details as that would be discussing methods, but there have been incidents of people doing something that cut off their breath until they almost lost consciousness as a kind of sexual thing.
    Not suggesting this is what you were doing but wanted you to know that it has in a few rare cases lead to accidental death. So would hope you dont try it again.
    It does sound a bit like self harm in that you felt it released pain and anger...not a road u want to travel that hun :hug:
  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    there is no way to know exactly why you have chosen to cut off your supply of oxygen for a brief period of time with no intentions of dying. It could be many things, icluding a form of self harm. Please be careful in doing this as some people have gone too far unintentionally and ended up either dying or with severe brain trauma due to lack of oxygen. i would hate to see that happen to you.
  9. Yea i know i never will do it again. Im scared of it. Even though i didnt want to die when doing it.
  10. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    i am glad to hear that. You learned from the experience and that is a valuable lesson. :hug:
  11. Sorcery

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    Hopefully it was a nervous impulse, but it's a great sign that you realized it was a problem and were open to input. The fact that you are consiously trying to understand and avoid it will help a great deal in preventing it from happening again;).
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