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Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Jodi, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Jodi

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    Hey All,

    I'd like to say Im a fat cow, but cows have more nipples than me, hehehe,.....but seriously, I need some help here, I am very idle right routine consist of sitting at the computer, sleep, and sometimes watching tv....I do no physical activity at all, and eating habits, ....oh boy....lets just say I have a habit of eating, but not healthy foods......I used to be very active and love sports,.....I also smoke, and have asthma, I know not a good combo, but, I would like some kind of motivation, I dont know what for sure Im looking for, but something to make me want to get moving everyday, even if its just for a walk around the guess Im kinda looking for some motivation and maybe a weight loss buddy.....diabetes runs in my family, and at my last physical, I was borderline diabetic,.....Im not a spring chicken anymore, but Im not too old to try and get healthy.....any suggestions????? Thanks!!
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    Hey hun,
    Buddies can really help, I would love to be your buddy, need to lose some weight too >.< , but lol, unfortunately I live in Europe >.< But I really wouldnt mind to help you, maybe can motivate you on msn or something. I dont know. You can also just ask a friend or a family member. Maybe even get a dog, they need to go out at least 3 times a day. Uhm what else *thinking* maybe cut out some pics that can be motivating and put them near the food or something. I have to say that can be really depressing too >.< Or make a list of what you eat on a day, than you can see really good what you shouldnt have eaten or maybe count the calories, but I shouldnt start with that, can go out of hand. Anyway good luck, hope it helped a bit, probly not really. Anyway I hope you can find something that helps.
    Good luck and take care
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    Hi Jodi...sometimes I feel older than I know how it is to change this as one gets older...take 2 cans, about a pound each, place one in each hand and start building upper can do that anywhere...start small and you will get smaller...and I do not like how you represented yourself, as you are deer (not cow) to ya