Need someone to talk to please

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    My kidneys hurt bad. i was supposed to go to the doctor but my wife left me and she's always gone with me to the doctor - going alone is just something I don't have the strength for now that she's gone.

    I'm sitting here drinking myself to death.

    I'm in MSN/messenger -

    if you want to do me the biggest favor? listen to my song. This isn't an advertisment, it's a desperate DESPERATE cry for help :( I hurt bad and my wife doesn't seem like she's coming back. My nerves hurt - feels like there's acid in my veins. I hope God does me a favor and makes me death happen soon :( The drinking and the pain from my wife leaving me in combination is too much.

    The song is about my wife :(
  2. I commented in the Welcome section...please share more here! As I said, no one can take away your pain - but DO let it out!! You're obviously good at expressing yourself , and I know (sadly, all too well) that your 'talent' doesn't feel worth SHIT right now, but - many cannot do this...