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Need someone to tell about my life

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by SmithTacular94, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. now before I start im going to say im lucky to not have had such a horrible life compared to others. And im thankfull to have had the opportunity to live but now to come to it whats the point...

    I need to get some things of my chest so im going to tell you guys that ive told nobody before becasue my mood can change in a tick, like 1 day ill feel suicidal the next ill be over the moon with joy... WTF IS THAT NORMAL??

    anywyas i want to tell you guys some things that have happend in my life.

    when i was about 8 my dad smashed my head against a metal sink because my sister dropped toothpaste on the seat

    my dad will always get his way he will call me a retard(i have autism) and ill say something back so he goes on a phat one what i mean by that he throws things around the house()once threw my TV out the top window)

    hit me before loads of time like with the slipper and that but the worst time properly happoend like 2 years ago he was arguing with my mum and pushed her so i got into a fight with him and he held my arms down with his knees and constantly punched me in the face till i bleed(nose bleed)

    my mum is scared of him i know for a fact he will call her a name and she will mutter under her breath something back to him then bumlick him and make him tea or coffee, it pisses me off i ask her why are u scared she says if i say something ill get it in the head when ur at college.

    my dog shaked and load of hair went on the carpet so he kicked my dog and kept hitting him(dog was whining).

    more stuff have happend but seriously it would take me a month to tell you stuff he has done, im thinking maybe i wouldnt be suicdal if he wasent alive but saying thayt its my mum aswell(i have run away 1 time but I had no where to go becasue my dad is such a **** all our family hate us so i just ran to some woods I know but wtf are the odds the day I was going to sleep there, there were about 3 guys smoking there serious wtf!!!!)

    anyways just wanted to get a fair bit of my chest there is alot more to say but i cant explain or word it because my autism that pissed me off

    i would never try tell my dad this becasue i dont want to face the concussion (OO AND IVE ASKED TO GO IN CARE LOADS OF TIMES LIKE 10 TIMES ALL I GET IS THERE THE PHONE DO IT YOUSELF)

    thanks. sorry if my spelling sucks as mentioned i have autism and i suck at spelling :(
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You need to tell someone with authority so your father can get help for his anger and you can be kept safe next time he hits you you call the police
  3. 1Lefty

    1Lefty Well-Known Member

    your spelling is fine, please keep posting here, you're welcome here, and there will be someone listening though it may take awhile to get a reply

    I care
  4. MandaPanda

    MandaPanda New Member

    Bullocks. You having lovely spelling. :D i've only had to experience this kind of voilence a couple of times, and usually indirectly, so i can not empathise, but it fricking sucks and it's cool that you can tell someone, like us.
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