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Need someone

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I'm trying to keep from committing suicide. I tried once on tuesday. I asked my friend for help and she didn't believe me. She called me a liar and that I was just making it up about being suicidal, but i'm not! I need someone to talk to because it keeps coming up and I keep wanting to die. But there is no one I can talk to. I don't know anyone's phone numbers to ask for help, no one I really know is online, I don't live near anyone I know. I don't know how to get rid of the feelings! I've nearly attempted three times in the last two days. I don't want to, but I keep having the feelings and I'm not scared of anything. There is nothing about suicide that I would chicken out on. I need help, and I don't know how to get it!


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Please excuse this short post as I have no gray cells left..you can go into chat if you think that might help, or call one of the hotlines we have listed...also, you can PM me, and I will be back online later, if you would like a place to rant or such...big hugs, J


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come into chat :) you're most welcome there :) and most members have been through what you are going through now, they'll understand!
have you thought about calling a suicide hotline?


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call a hotline or go to nearest hospital...

are you on meds for your feelings or have you discussed with your doc?

there will always be someone to help you here as much as poss...but if you are finding things too hard to ignore get yourself to hospital...but support is always here for you...hang on :hug:
I've tried the chat but it doesn't work at all on my computer :-/ it's an odd type of software (my computer).

And I'm not on any medication, since I try to keep everything on low so my mom doesn't find out about any of the thoughts...I know she should know about it, but our roles are practically switched, me being the mom and her the daughter...but thxs! :thanks:
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