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Need to be pushed over the edge.

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The biggest loser ever to live.
I'm tired of thinking about suicide and feeling that I absolutely have to commit suicide but still having things that are stopping me from doing so, such as paining my parents and little brother over my death and suicide.
I'm tired of being in limbo, I just need to die instead of living as a loser, as a zombie. I need to take depressants, ( I guess alcohol?) something to get rid of my inhibitions so I can just kill myself without anything to stop me. I wish I could make it so that my parents and little brother wouldn't miss me when I commit suicide.


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Please I am begging you, read my response to "suicide in a week". Do not do this :( You will ruin lives forever. Hold on. It gets so much better.
There comes a time in everyones lives where times get tough. Some see suicide as their only way out as yourself might. Its not true, u speak of how it could ruin the lives of your family and your right your family im sure loves you very much and would be destroyed if they lost you. There are other ways to go about this such as a counceling session, finding new hobbies to do to get your mind off of the stress in your life. Take advantage of life and cherish it. You were put here on this planet to serve a purpose whatever that may be, u will find it if you havent already. Suicide is not the answer it is an easy fix for yourself, but when that horrible thought comes into your head remember "your family" and how happy they were when you entered the world. They wouldnt want you to do this and i think deep inside neither do u. Life is fragile , enjoy it and make an impact and in time all will heal. Godbless.

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