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Need to blow off some steam before I snap.

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First off, I wanted to thank you guys for welcoming me back so kindly after I went a bit silly and rudely left for a month or two without a proper explanation. I had a whole lot of things to deal with and it seemed like I had to do it entirely on my own.

Today, I'm so close to losing my cool, and I'm not just saying that. For once in my damn life, I've found love. I have a gorgeous lovely girlfriend as of yesterday. It just so happens that she is also my best friend's ex. FROM EIGHT YEARS AGO. I cannot stress this enough. They broke up, EIGHT. YEARS. AGO.

Also, let's just add that my best friend is a guy, and his ex (my girlfriend) is bisexual. I just wanted to clear that up, in case of confusion.

Now, I did the responsible best friend thing, I asked him time and time again if he was okay with me seeing his ex. I worried myself sick about it, but he laughed it off, he told me to go for it, he told me that it would make him really happy. So, with his blessing (or so I thought), I went for it, and now she's my girlfriend.

So the three of us were hanging out at the pub with a bunch of other people and suddenly out of nowhere, he lost it. He went crazy, he snapped. He reduced the two of us to tears. That's when my anger started. He can take his stupid jealousy or whatever out on me, but I got really damn annoyed when I saw how upset she got. But then an hour later, he was apologising and saying that he was really happy for us both. Then a few hours after THAT, he went mad again. It went from being upsetting to purely irritating. I couldn't seem to figure out what the heck he wanted from me. That irritation has built up, and I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't cool it soon.

He's currently telling me how much he hates us both, and that he pretty much wants us dead. You know what? I would at least try to understand his anguish, if he hadn't GIVEN ME HIS BLESSING BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENED! My girl is fine with being able to deal with it, because she's had more than eight years of it, so she's used to it. I'm glad she's nice and strong about it, but I can feel myself cracking under the pressure.

At first, it would make me really upset and want to apologise to him, but I've lost the will to apologise, I can't keep doing it, it feels wrong. I feel like I shouldn't even be saying sorry. But NOW... oh, now I just want to smash him up. Obviously I won't, because I'm against violence. But if he keeps pushing me, I don't know what I'll do.

I'm so glad I have my girlfriend by my side to help me through this, otherwise I'd have already done something stupid.

Sorry for the length of this, I needed somewhere to vent rather quickly and chose here!


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Obviously he's not as OK with the whole thing as he thought he was.
Give him some space and time to get his head round the whole thing.
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