Need to Reconnect Physically Again...

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Rammingstone, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Rammingstone

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    ...with women. I think this might help provide me with incentive to make an effort and show a positive face to the world.

    So...what you do guys (and gals) think of the idea of using the services of an escort? Since I know I wouldn't get rejected, I think I could be completely open with her without having my usual emotional wall up.

    I REALLY miss just being in close contact with a woman, making smiling eye contact, gently touching her hand or back, kissing her hand, softly telling her something sweet.

    From what I understand, a GOOD GFE will make a guy FEEL like she loves him, rather than just being an unemotional sex doll who keeps watching the clock.

    I've always dismissed the idea in the past based mainly on moral principles, well that, and I usually never had $500 to throw away for a couple hours of pleasure.

    My biggest concern is how I'd feel after it's over. I'd probably end up really liking her and may have trouble treating it as just a consumer transaction.

  2. Mortem

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    Hmm, tricky one really. I'd say approach with caution. From what I've read it can really help some people but others end up feeling extremely guilty. I think one big variable is who you meet - someone who you feel comfortable around and who can provide a good GFE, as you put it, might just be able to make a difference. As for ending up liking her I say don't worry too much about it. Keep the situation you're in in the back of your head, although distant enough not to ruin the experience.

    Maybe you can go out first? Dinner or something? Pick up the vibes and all that.

    Some might torch me and throw the whole, rather tiresome, bundle of arguments at me for this - but I lean towards saying "go for it".
  3. brainstorm

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    Well, I feel about the same (almost 31 years and not even a kiss) and even some female friends of mine have been telling me the same thing. However, when I asked my therapist she came back with "Do you want a girl that just opens her legs?": Well, I stuck; I want a girl that opens her arms to me, but I couldn't verbalize it then to her. I hope that's is the difference between a GFE and a prostitute, at least it seems like it reading from some of their blogs.