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i have just had a horribly painful flashback. awh hell there is something inside that wants to talk about it but i can't. there is too much going on inside. the only thing i can say is this is so painful it's pullin me down fast and i do mean fast. it's amazing how one flashback can trigger so many others. i'm deeply overwhelmed. how do i make this stop?!
:hug: I know what it is like to experience painful flashbacks. How to make them stop? There are techniques that can be developed over time to help you deal with them. I am still working on this. Grounding is important when the flashback occurs. You need to get yourself in to the present, to know that what happened is not happening now. I have flashback boxes placed around my home. In each box I have something that is shocking to my taste buds, such as a sour candy, menthol cough drop, strong mint, etc. It also has something that is an unfamiliar testure. Usually something rough that I can pick up and rub my fingers across. Then I have something that is of comfort to me inside. When I feel the flashback coming, I go to the box and use the things I need. Many time it grounds me and brings me back to the present. It may not always work, and I haven't figured that part out yet, but it is worth a try. If you would like to talk hun, PM me. We will figure something out. You can get through this. Have faith.
thank u for the suggestions. i have heard, although had forgotten, about doing things like that. i have just over the last year developed and have been diagnosed with dissociative disorder which has made it twice as hard to snap out of this when it happens. it is so hard to become grounded when you don't even know where its at or for that matter what it is. i will try to set up some boxes. i hope this will at least help some. this morning i got alot of help getting through it when someone from the forum here took a lot of time and patience and talked me through it. that was the first time i didn't come out of it alone. i appreciate it and the support that people here offer. i hope you and i can talk sometime but for now i need to go. thanx again for listening and the suggestions. i will try it for sure. take care
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