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    Everyday I wake up I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. It's like I woke up one day and realized my family and friends were all two-faced. They would agree with you for a moment and then dispute that point the next moment. They would manipulate, lie and distort every issue, argument or conversation that we had. I feel likes it's a revolution to brainwash people into giving up hope, faith and justice and the harder I tried to get to the bottom of these issues, the worse these situations became. It got really serious when I was working for these Jewish people and I thought I could trust them with these issues, only to find out that they made every situation even worse, to the point where I had to quit. And its everywhere, this sneaky slimy mentality and its hard to point your finger at it without sounding like a nut; they're shape-shifters, they're aliens/reptiles dressed in human suits or they're satanic believers etc etc. And the part that hurts me the most is I don't have any emotional support and for that matter a place I can call home. I have no place where I can grow emotionally and its eating at me inside; even though I know I'm right, I can't seem to win. Whenever I seem to find a little bit of peace from within, it's stomped on by my family with verbal abuse, threats of anger and violence and the yelling doesn't stop until I feel empty inside. I hope this makes sense to you readers and if you're in the same boat, I could really use your help and advice on how you deal with this on a day to day basis. Thank you for your time
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    Are you talking about your family, or Jewish people in general - being shape-shifters etc? :blink:

    With your family: Do you have any friends or someone you could trust who you could talk things over with?
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    So you're getting verbally abused by your family? Can you move away from them? Maybe find a roommate to move in with? My mother was verbally abusive and probably bipolar. I moved out after she threatened to kill me and I don't miss her at all. As for making friends you can trust, you could join a support group for the abused or perhaps for those suffering from depression. There's got to be people there you can relate with and you guys can support eachother. Of course, we are here too, though we can't be there with you physically :)