Needing hugs

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  1. dizgrace

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    I miss everyone

    I miss my parents (minus Katie, sorry but she can be a right bitch sometimes with what she says), Jade, Beka, Cooper, Dave, Farley, Daimon, Fraser, Abby, Dan. I miss my old life in Ashford. I miss playing pool with everyone. I hate feeling like everyone forgot about me. I text them all still, but its normally me that starts the conversation. I don't fit anywhere at the moment. I keep seeing events and stuff appearing on facebook that I cant go to because I'm all the way in London. But part of me sits there thinking are they not inviting you because you're in London, or not inviting you because they don't want you there. I know moving here was necessary and I don't regret it, I just wish I had a way to get home more often. Oh well guess I'll find out when I'm home this summer.

    Im probably just taking things out of context. I do that a lot. I just need a hug I guess
  2. 41021

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    (((gentle hugs))) for you

    Until you are able to get home, you have all of us.
    Plenty of hugs to be had here.
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    :hug: I hope things will get better for you soon.
  4. total eclipse

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    Hugs to you hun you will always have a place here to talk to someone ok hugs
  5. Beka

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    Grace, none of us have forgotten about you, communication is somewhat lost because we aren't as involved in each others lives anymore, when we have events and you're still in London we don't invite you purely because we know more than half of the time it will be a lost cause. We are all still there for you, we've never stopped.
    Yes, You miss us and we miss you, but surely you knew that we all wouldn't be as close as we were once you moved to London, I know you come down a far bit, even for a student but still.
    Never ever regret going to Uni, We're all still going to be here when you finish and if you decide to come back to Ashford, but don't base your life choices on how much you miss us is all I guess I'm trying to say. But like I said, we are all still here for you regardless!
  6. Much afraid

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    Sounds like friends are seeking you out :D.

    Venting, sharing is always good too. Hugs from a fellow pro at taking things out of context (and doubter that friends care, sometimes any way.)

    Hang in there, study hard, enjoy yourself at Uni and when you do get home arrange a smashing night with friends who will want to hear about your experiences. :D