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Needing Motivation for Another Day

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I'm just sitting here and becoming more uncomfortable with each passing moment. In a few short hours, I will be having a visit with my son whom I rarely get to see any more. Yet, I sit and procrastinate and can't find the motivation to get things ready.

I skipped work last night, thinking I'd be able to do some cleaning then. I ended up just sleeping. And I want to go back to sleep. I look at the mess around me and know it's just hopeless. I'm too sore, and too tired to make it work.

Why is something so simple be so difficult? Why with each passing moment I become more and more anxious and willing to consider hurting myself so I don't have to face this day?

I just want to go back to bed and forget it.


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It's called depression and it takes out all motivation, joy, energy and will to do anything. Are you having anxiety as well?

A trip to the doctors' is in order here, perhaps a course of anti depressants is in order.
A trip to the Doctor's yielded nothing for me other than a referral that I just need to wait out. Even EM one time turned me away simply because I had injured my shoulder and they would only see me for one thing at a time.

I've been having increasingly more severe anxiety attacks all week and tried to push through them at work. Last night, I was exhausted and just couldn't do another night.

I have 2 hours left... I need to run and push myself into 'miracle clean' mode. Will check in later.
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Yeah you are definetly depressed. You need anti depressants and your doc is just gonna have to get off lazy arse and deal. GO back to em and NAG!!!!
I've given up on this Dr, really. Everytime I try to discuss my concerns I either suffer a really intense anxiety attack, or I go into a rage. He simply won't listen. I've yet to find another Dr.

I did manage to get things done before the visit yesterday. It went really well! I'm glad I pushed through it and saw my son.
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