Neibhor conflict and anguish crisis

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  1. I don't know where to post that. I feel ashamed, guilty and really dont know what to do.

    My roommate has buy a dog, a few months ago. We had both time that was okay. But everything went crazy. My roommate lost his job, sleep 12 hours a day, take drugs and didn' t take care of the dog that much. I was working 34hrs + school full time + freelancing. I just didn't have time. We had a third roommate who wasn't working neither and who take care of the dog. But he date quickly and moved in with the upstair neibhor ... The third roommate propose to adopt the dog but my roommate refused.

    My roommate decided to go on vacations to California for 2 weeks. He decided that I was taking care of the dog along with the upstair neibhors. For three days, no sign of the upstair neibhors. I was taking care of the dog but it wasnt great. Then a saturday morning, I woke up late to work, was in a rush, forgot the put the heat and to make the dog a walk.

    When I return from work, the upstair neibhor was with the dog, she told me she found the dog in the cold and with shit. I was extremely ashamed and we both agree that the dog should stay with her. She wasn't working and I knew the dog would be well there. My roommate spoke to her and they were speaking of a sell of the dog... but they quickly disagree on the price. I offered to cover up the amount but everyone refused because both side were angry at each other. The neighbor refuse to let go the dog and the roommate decide to call the police and got the dog back.

    The upstair neibhor had revenge herself and called the SPA and took arrangement with the landlord to throw us out of the appartment. She was yelling at me each time that I saw her. She told me she going to intent pursuit against my roommate.
    I try to took care of the dog. The dog was sleeping with me, was always with me. The roommate still dont take care that much. He had bring the dog at the bar where he was working and while he was drinking, the dog was in the basement crying. I've never see a dog panic that much. I take care of the dog but yesturday, after returning to take a walk, I just forgot to close the door behind me and the dog was outside in the street. I don't really know what happened. I'm so stress that I have memory blanks. My roommate is pissed off at me and threatening me that I'm going to held responsible of everything...

    I really dont know what are my responsibilities in this or what to do. I know it sound like a stupid situation but I'm having anxiety crisis and memory blanks.
  2. SmolderingIce

    SmolderingIce Well-Known Member

    you aren't really in it i suppose.. your roomate bought it. its not yours or anything..
    it doesn't sound like you can keep it. nobody seems like they can really take care of it.
    i hope this all gets sorted out soon..
  3. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    it does sound kinda ridicuous,
    its defenetly not your fault, they r totally mental you just need to get away from them in case its so hard to see, or just tell them to fuck off cause you don't need their shit

    you have no official responsibility of the dog, id be sorry for the dog too to have such an owner but its not your fault, you obviously are in work over your head and its the owners fault for what is happening to the dog, its just dumb and immature of him to expect you to be at service whenever he needs you to do what hes incapable of doing, even the fact thet hes arguing about the price and just prolonging the problems shows he needs a cold shower
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