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Neither sad nor depressed


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Have you ever come across this "phase" or mood where you aren't feeling particularly sad or helpless, but rather tired and bored? With no energy at all and thinking "why keep on living this way?" but not in the sad, desperate mood...more like not interested on anything at all, good or bad.
These days i havent experienced any sad or painful events, but still, somehow, feel like im done with my life. I look at it and im like "meh, why keep bothering?" "this is going nowhere, im not achieving anything, i see no point at all, when will this end? my life is so boring and tiring" and i dont feel like, "too sad" but rather disappointed, uninterested and tired. Like if i'd die right there i wouldnt even feel sad or concerned about my life of the people around me, opposed to when im depressed and i think about what would happen if i end my life right there.
I've read somewhere that's also another sign of depression and its like the monst unnoticed because people asume you're just tired, you had a bad day or you're simply acting like an asshole.


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Hello, yeah, def had periods of feeling the way you described it and it's depresh. System's drained hence feeling tired and disinterested.


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I have a lot of those thoughts you mentioned.

" it's not going anywhere" and " I'm not acheeving anything", almost a daily occurance now.


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Apathy, I know it well. Apathy was actually the first onset of my constant suicidal depression that's been going on for five years. It's way better than emotional pain and stress, at least. There is a theoretical opportunity to keep the stress-free part of apathy and add positive emotions and motivation without getting too attached, resulting in a big immunity against negative shit whilst being receptive to positive stuff.

I'd suggest trying to summon positive emotions whilst leaving the apathy as it is, try to manufacture getting exited or enjoying something. Anticipatory hedonia will be easier to conjure up than feeling pleasure in the moment, so start there maybe.


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All the time here. Why? Why am I still here, what is the sense and purpose? If I died in a car wreck or of a heart attack tomorrow, it would not be good or bad, merely meaningless which is not a bad thing.

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