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    My name is Rocky and I'm 19. I dropped out of school my junior year. Seems as if everyone hated me in that school. I just finished my GED test and the city hall in my county paid for it. Now I have an extra $60 to use for boose and hookers. Just kidding $60 won't cut it for the good hookers.

    I'm considered cute by chicks, but to me I don't care much anymore. Except I'm half of a hipporcit so I kind of care. I've been in and out of relationships and it feels like flying when you feel so much for someone. You crash and burn when it ends though.

    I've started making this tendency to start laughing at my depression. No not an insane laugh, though my dad is schitzoaffective:pound:. I also think I'm bipolar.

    For now that's all I can say, I start feeling really bored re-telling what I've been through, I've had a lot of people counsel me on my problems and it always ends up that the depression is too thick and too deep to try and pull me out of and they give up, so I'm on my own.

    Hopefully I can figure out my problems and move on out of it, but it seems that maybe instead of moving on I have to learn to live with this life.

    Glad I found a place where others know what physical, mental, and emotional pain really is.:emmersed:
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    I am glad you found us as well , though as always, sorry for the need that caused you to look. I am not sure if you ever tried talking to a professional about your issues or suspicions but in general they are able to provide treatment better than lay friends and family that can really in the best of circumstance only provide support....

    Of course you care what other people think - we are all hippocrits about that one - just with time we learn to decide for ourselves if we value their opinion as an individual enough to matter. Feel free to talk here anytime!
  3. anceintsz

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    I've done professional help but I can only help myself tbh. Thank you for the welcome!
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    Hey, welcome to SF. Glad you came, it's definitely that sort of place. :)
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