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  1. Farandaway674

    Farandaway674 Member

    I am guessing everybody has saw the news that the great Nelson Mandela has died at 95 today. His legacy is unmatched by anyone in recent memory, in my mind I truly believe he was one of the greatest man to have ever lived, at least during the 20th century. I thought it would be a good conversation topic to discuss his legacy and impact because we will never see another one in our lifetime.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I do not have a TV so i did not know of his passing what a great person for sure 95 what a life he had RiP Nelson Mandela
  3. emily83

    emily83 Well-Known Member

    he did well for himself.

    yes, his legacy will live on for ever
  4. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    RIP Nelson Mandela!
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