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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by athopre07, May 6, 2007.

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  1. athopre07

    athopre07 Guest

    if anyone has weight issues, im here ive been through hell and back with anorexia and people that are on the road to recovery and need help im here guys.
    if you are afraid to talk to me on here bcoz you shy then add me to.
    im on alot so feel free or post a comment
    thanks for taking your time to read this.
    very much appriciated.:tongue:
  2. Nighton

    Nighton Member

    I'm 10 and I weigh around 130lbs. I exercise alot every day and eat mainly everything except veggies. I don't plan on starting to eat veggies. I dont lose weight very all....i lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks....could ya help?:blink:
  3. athopre07

    athopre07 Guest

    does your parents seem to have a problem with your weight?
    you mentioned you was 130lbs im not sure could you put it into kilograms or stone.
    i weigh 4 and a half stone which is 28 kgs, but i cant seem to work yours out. have you seen the doctors and what do they say?
    keep me informed im tryin to do my best, i dont know alot about you and im not good @ maths so pop yourself on the scales and try to put in kilograms or stone then i will try to help the best i can
  4. immure

    immure Account Closed

    at your age u shouldn t diet. u should find away to eat some veggies and fruit they are what holds vitamins and minerals. very needed. you have growing plates in ur body. u do not want to limit them with poor choices. see how tall u can set urself up to boy is 10 and weighs a a couple pounds more. and i m a fitness and lifestyle cunsultant.
    i know the current formulas of the bodies systems.
    i was like this as well at this age and then i grew
    by 12 13 i was 5 11
    in height
    currently 6 ft
    autheletic-slender build.
    be patient.
  5. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Hunny try not to worry too much about your weight. Veggies and fruit are basically the same, so try eating lots of fruit if you like that better. Also, my brother was husky at that age (as was my dad) and they both grew out of it to be very fit. It bothered him (my brother) a lot too at that age and he was quite sad for broke my heart to see him suffer. The healthier you eat, the better off you will be and your weight will naturally balance out. Dieting at your age is not recommended. Just eat healthy foods and you will be fine. Also, 1 pound a week is great! That is the healthiest way to lose weight...any more than that is not healthy and could hurt you. I know what you are going through. If you need to talk, please send me a private message. And please do not hurt yourself EVER. You are young and I know kids can be mean...but my brother had a friend who was super skinny at his age and the kid still hasn't been able to put on weight and still looks too thin, while my brother looks great; so please give yourself a chance and just try to take care of yourself. Have you talked to your parents about your feelings? If not, then please do. :hug:
  6. slim_to_none

    slim_to_none Well-Known Member

    there are two comments in this that worry me.

    firstly, 10 is far too young to be thinking about weight. 130 is probably quite normal for someone your age. dont worry about food, just do things for the fun of it, if you want to exercise, join a sporting club, and if its bothering you a lot, talk to your parents, or to a helpline. believe me, this is NOT the road you want to head down. its ugly, dark, painful, and horrible.
    please take care.

    and the other thing, athopre07, 28kg. that is so unhealthy. i dont understand how you can manage to even type. i have anorexia myself and at my lowest (which is a heck of a lot higher than your weight) it was impossible to do anything.

    both of you. please take care. please.
  7. fear1

    fear1 Member

    im borderline anorexic :(

    and the other thing, athopre07, 28kg. that is so unhealthy. i dont understand how you can manage to even type. i have anorexia myself and at my lowest (which is a heck of a lot higher than your weight) it was impossible to do anything.


    thanks for taking the mick out of my weight, i'm not ill i just dont put on weight everyone is very different, you could be fat but am i complaining. i no that i am underweight but for you taking the mick saying how you dont know how im typing grow up, you no nothing bout me and i can type fast so im not that ill.

    i can do alot of things so its not impossible. ive got great support and im seeking help for it. ive never been a hgh weight in life.
    i will tell you something i weighed 3pounds when i was born and i was in an incubator for 7 weeks so it runs in the family, all the girls in my family have suffered and ive never been so offended in my life. i thought this site would help me relate to.

    i can get out of bed in the morning, im not sick anymore im just petite. im 5 foot, im taller than my mother and sister,

    thanks you for this mean stuff yoube written about me:mad::huh::sad::eek:hmy::unsure:

    thanks for ruining the rest of what ive been paranoid about for the past 7 years, bout my body image and im so glad im seeing theropy so i can deal with such piss takers you lot can be
  8. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Relax, fear. I don't think that was intended to hurt your feelings. I was the same weight as you when I was 5 feet tall and looked fine. That is not that skinny, this yes, skinny no. I was also a competitive gymnast and was stronger than all of my friends. As long as you eat healthy and take care of yourself you should be fine. I think those comments were directed at a person who has an eating disorder, or who is purposely not eating, not someone who is naturally small.
  9. fear1

    fear1 Member

    hey i really need to talk to someone,
    my family always put me down by calling me anorexic and skinny and comments like that always put me down, ive tried talking to my family bout this but they just go and gossip with the other family and even friends,they dont even listen to me, my mum gets drunk and takes the mick and same with my sister but shes got a horrible bf hes always calling me, ive tried to defend myself, i have no selfesteem and i cant seem to joke anymore so im always serious but the comments are so stupid then no wonder i have to get angry ive tried disowning them but they live across the green from me and there like were sorry but there like it all the time even without the drinking, i just wish i was dead but ive chosen to not to eat and show them what is anoreixc and when i get ill they will see how bad it really gets to me.

    i'm sorry for my ranting but its just happened and i need to let it out and i dont know what to do. please dont be angry with me:sad: i feel as bad as it is.

    thanks for reading and sorry for it being so long.
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