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Nephews dad committed suicide when he was 9 yrs~7 yrs later his best friend commits!

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My Nephew is one of 3 brothers whose dad shot himself in the head 7 years ago. My nephew is now 16 years old and just last night one of his best friends shot himself in the head with my nephew’s gun! In case anyone is wondering my nephew hunts with his "kind of step dad" we will call him.

His best friends dad told my nephew that his son had been looking for shells before for there gun and was just trying to reassure him that it wasn't his fault, his son would have found a way no matter if my nephew didn't borrow a gun from him.

My nephews step dad took him to his friends house and fortunately his step dad made him stay in the truck as when walking around the house his step dad saw spattered blood and a bullet hole through his friends window.

I haven't talked to my nephew yet, as I know he will call me when he is ready. My mom said that he stayed home from school as did many of his friends, and there were about 15 kids over there with my nephew.

I know that all of my nephew’s friends who were to friends with this 16 yr old kid are probably devastated also, but honestly I am truly scared for my nephew. My sister being the drunk though, I just know is going to spiral from this because her sons are getting older and have questions pertaining to there own dad’s death and she hasn't dealt with it herself.

My mom said she has a feeling he is going to want me to go to the funeral to be his rock. He often turns to me for help/guidance. How is he going to get through this? Most peo9ple don't have to endure suicide once in there life let alone twice at such a young age none the less!

I know some might say is that life throws only to us what we can handle, but really how can anyone handle this! I myself am an adult and it was beyond difficult for ME to get over my brother in laws death!

A note to anyone out there suffering from Suicidal thoughts. Please please seek attention from family, friends and/or your doctor. Know there ARE ones who don't want you to be suddenly gone. You can't even imagine the devistation Suicide leaves on your loved ones. 9 out of 10 suicides are due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. This IS treatable, but you must seek help. Remember it makes you a strong person to seek help and a weak person to just give in and leave your loved ones to deal with the aftermath. Do the right thing, please.

Please words to help him by would be appreciated. Thank You.


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Re: Nephews dad committed suicide when he was 9 yrs~7 yrs later his best friend commi

o geez-- i wish i had better words to say but i just don't have any
- i think the only thing you can do now- is don't leave his side- that he will be sure you won't leave him alone like "they did"-
he has your trust- get into his life and take his hand and help him to stand up- nobody can do it alone
- my best wishes- and i wish you strong so you can help him to get throught this-


Re: Nephews dad committed suicide when he was 9 yrs~7 yrs later his best friend commi

thanks for posting this. i think it is good for those of us considering suicide to be confronted with the "aftermath" of what we are considering. i am fighting the thoughts of suicide daily now and i really needed this.
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