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  1. IJ (it just is)

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    I sent a letter to my shrink earlier this week, getting some really hard things off my chest. I am so nervous going to see her Monday cause I know she is going to make me talk those things through. Its one thing writing them down or putting them here on this forum but to actually sit and talk, thats the worst for me. I know I need to work through this but its not that easy. One of the things that is the worst for me to face is my boss that forced himself on me one night and I know that's one of the things she is going to want to me verbalize my thoughts and feelings about that night and that scares me. I wanna self-harm today because I am nervous, anxious, stressed. Luckly I have this forum to vent and say what I feel.
  2. Butterfly

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    Firstly, I am really sorry that you have experienced such horrible things, but you did the right thing in letting your psych know, because now they can begin to look at what is going to be helpful for you and what will be the right treatments to get you on the road to recovery. It will no doubt be hard talking to your psych about what happened, but if it gets too much, you can just tell her that you don't want to go into that detail at this moment in time, but it is also important to try and be as honest as possible. It will feel horrible, and it will be hard, but you have to remember that this WILL help you in the long run. Please don't self harm, try and distract yourself if you can when those SH urges get intense. And if you really can't, get an elastic band and wear it on your wrist, and snap it against your skin whenever you get an urge. It hurts, but it doesn't cause any damage.
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    I think you perfectly know what you did when you wrote everything and send the letters.
    You already knew she was about to make you talk about it and go through it.

    And I think you're very brave because it means that somehow you wanted to give it a try.
    Face it and go through it.
    It won't make it easier but I think probably, somewhere inside you, you found some strengh to start the road !

    I send you as much courage as possible.

    Don't forget you're someone great and every right decision makes you someone greater !

    Hold on and take care !
    This place is always here for you and for us !
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