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    I feel nervous a lot lately. Nervous about politics and how it will effect me, internet privacy and people nosing through my emails, the new law or whatever that means all Americans are terrorists etc. spies and the CIA and people I meet who talk about how they tortured, assassinated, etc. for the gov. the masons...although I think the organization closed. This random guy who showed up and seemed a little crazy. Super smart, said he "filed papers for the government" and made up a bunch of stories, then just stopped talking to me. He said I was a target and my bf was a target, and I think he might be in one of those spy training programs nearby. Some older guy thumbed his nose at some of us sitting on the wall. "You kids planning on going to college?" I am in college and I have a 3.33. Good enough. Intelligent fears are called Paranoia and free speech being outlawed.

    In other news....