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    I can't stop thinking, and I know I'm doing on speculation, what's dangerous, but I keep that in mind, and of course I don't validate my theory, without proof. But.... when I see my whole story, I can't stop wondering, why? Why in the end, knowing my legal father was a violent man, told by her family, by her in-laws, and by the ex he indeed was a dangerous man, why did she marry him? You ALL wonder.

    I was told that BEFORE they got married, he made her abort. HE says 5 months, some don't even know. Some say... but nothing special. I think my mother married him because she was pregnant. There's a possibility the one supposed to be aborted in late 1979 was me. Who could have possibly known?

    My grand-mother wasn't there at my birth. She was there for all her grand-children's birth. But mine. She was at an aqua therapy, a spa. Something she had registered to, a long time earlier, she told me herself. She could have very much indeed predicted when I would be borne. Unless... unless I wasn't borne when I was supposed to be borne. And then I would understand the whole thing. She knew she was pregnant with Christopher, or hesitated between the two, and didn't want to abort. So the solution was to marry him.


    I feel lots of mixed stuff, because I think it is very very possible. But I can't check. Unless Christopher accepts to make a DNA test with me (confidential I swear).

    :confused: :sadyes:
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    Big hugs Alexia :hug: I'm around if you want to talk!
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    Hang in there. Were all with you.
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    Thanks, appreciated.