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Never again

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Stormhand, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Stormhand

    Stormhand Well-Known Member

    Some months ago, I got back with someone I knew back in High school, things were great (so i thought) with her during the time we was dating, but on our last date she did a 180 on me, she did not talk to me at all, just asked if I had the money to pay for dinner for her daughter (who she told me was not going to be there) which I didn't I was pulling the last of my cash for the month out of my account for that date, then next thing I know we was at a local electronics store, she and a friend parted company to have a "girl chat" I didn't think too much of it at the time, next thing I know her friend comes to me saying jana does not want to see me anymore, and I was not even told why, all that was said, was I did nothing wrong, which to this day I still have trouble believing cause the finger is always pointed at me when every woman I have been with has cheated on me.

    Anyways after that I tried so hard to feel absolutely nothing, eventually that failed and one day I just burst out crying for a couple hours, I am glad that part is over, now I just cannot trust anyone to get close to me like that again, I am honestly afraid that the next person I even try yo get close to will cheat, lie etc.
    Its just a never ending cycle, I feel I some how have a flag or sign on me saying "easy to take advantage of."

    Here recently, I found out Jana was looking for somoene that could afford to pay for her debts and her life basically, and to be honest it don't surprise me too much..lets just say as spoiled as her daughter was, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    I am just wondering if there is a way to get over this trust issue, cause right now its starting to affect how I look at my friends, who I almost pushed away form me totally, cause I was scared they was avoiding me.

    And I was about to push them from me before they did me.
  2. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    Man you just found the wrong girl....
    Happaned to me too, nothing to think much about really, or feel bad about..
    There are lots of girls that all they care about is money
    i use a simple word to describe such chicks... bitches ^^
    but there are planty of other girls, that dont care about your money
    so dont worry about it...
    Me for example, every time i date a new girl, im telling her that
    1. Im not rich
    2. I dont want to be rich
    3. I dont care about money

    I test her reaction by talking about her views on life
    if i see she is too much into money, i dig even more to undarstand better
    and then after the first date, i can already figure if she wants me or not
    without even her calling me or telling me anything...

    Anyways, dont loose hope!
    there are a whole lot of bitches all around, espacialy in big citys (like NY)
    they are good for only one thing

    (if you are a girl stop reading now ^^)

    this bitches are only good in giving you a good sex after you buy them
    an expancive drink...

    as for me, nowdays i more intersted in girls from small towns and viliges
    they are the best girls for fammily and they are the most trustfull
  3. Cascadia

    Cascadia Member

    I have been badly hurt at times in some relationships but thankfully there are tons and tons of people you can trust to care as much about you as they do about themself. Although I am not in a good space right now, I know deep down that the person I have to trust the most is simply myself. It hurts to be betrayed but the pain of being alone is so much worse then that of trying to put yourself out there and getting hurt.

    Sometimes it is almost like a sport. You have to practice and play on the JV team for a while to learn how it works and get enough skills to find someone you can trust. Instead of pulling back from other people it actually helps to reach out to more so you have more chances to find someone real.
  4. Stormhand

    Stormhand Well-Known Member

    Well me living in a small town you think I would find a descent girl, but ppl around here are so judgmental, and this is a christian community.
    I was once accused by a bunch of ppl to be a satanist because of shirt I was wearing, and all it was was a head shot of merlin...thats how bad it can be here.

    I don't do the bar thing, I think you can only find trash in places like that, and i am not just talking about chics, I am almost talking the guys that look at you liek they want to kick your butt just for looking at them...

    But I am very chosey and careful when I pick who I am interested in, pretty much try to look for somoene who is not always complaining, has a good personality, somewhat attractive....its almost as if everyone is hiding something from me, and are just not totally forward with me,.

    once I was told to date a church girl, sheesh tey are just as bad as any other, my current exgf is a church girl..and personally I have never liked church..I have my own guidelines and morality and do not need anyone to tell me how to live, I am my own person.