Never again!

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Stormhand, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Stormhand

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    After a conversation today, I had with a friend, I just cannot do it anymore.
    Too many times I have tried to be with someone and in the end I ALWAYS end up used, Laura told me because I am "too nice" ,personally, I don't see it.
    But even my sister in her own way has said this, and it just makes me more sick.

    I am just so angry!! I DO NOT want to get close to anyone again!
    I am to the point I do not want to feel anything again, because every relationship in my life has lead to nothing but hurt.

    And I cannot think that is on account I do no believe in trying to be a problem on others, and I have put others above myself.

    It makes me wonder if women in general want to be treated like crap, and smacked across the room, if that's true, that makes me even more sick and disgusted.

    I am never going to be close like I was to Jana again.
    in the end all she wanted out of me was sex, and the money in my pocket...which I never gave one ounce to her.

    If I am too nice, she was just plain cruel, same with everyone I have dated.

    Its true then, in all honesty I am really the only one that cares about me.
  2. Beautiful Disaster

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    false, i care about you to...

    sorry about the females who treated you so bad.. not all of us are like that..

  3. Angelo_91

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    Sorry to break it to you, but even though I'm a guy, you gotta understand girls like the feeling of chase with a guy, they want a guy of worth... not a guy that is too nice to everyone because hence, they don't feel as special if you are nice to everyone. The trick is to be your own person, don't rely on companionship for your little false happinesses. Just act casual, and be human: meaning have wants and desires... like a person. You can't be contained by society that you choose not to be wild like life. Wildness in every creature is natural and is looked upon. Confidence is what girls find appealing, and to have a guy who has an invisible barrier of worth around them that makes them indifferent from other guys. I'm not saying stop being nice, but just know you don't need to contain your inner self but at least be a little less sensitive to your surroundings and go with the flow of life.

    There is no use getting angry at this, the truth be told is... she just doesn't like you that way and you have to move on... but being closeminded about this situation won't help your cause. The longer you hold onto the past, you won't get further with your future. There is no need to feel wrong about life, never stop loving...never give up.
  4. Stormhand

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    oh from her I have moved on, but ever since this happened, everything has been going down hill at the same day jana dumped me, so did my best friend.

    After a con him, me and several others went to, he has just started to avoid me..totally.

    I got no explanation why, just the way jana dumped me..
    I have known the man 12 years or more, and then one day this started, well.

    I got tired of it, so last night I sent him an e-mail telling him what i think of him.
    And personally I hope I made his heart bleed.

    cause her deserves it.

    But as to my ex, liek I said her I am over, right now I just cannot trust anyone to get close to again, cause I KNOW it will happen again.