Never enough..I'm not like you..

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    Yet again it's becoming clear to me that i live with extremely biased parents.. my dad won't listen to anyone and he's too ethnocentric to give a damn about my opinion or thoughts. my father reacts to me as if i'm exactly the way he was when he was 17.. like seriously?

    ok, so my dad thinks since i'm a guy all i want is to go have sex with every chick i see even though i tell him i dont want to and i ignore all of his stupid sex jokes. my parents are putting me into circumstances where i can't avoid sexual conversations even though i don't care about what they have to say.. i've heard the same speech for 7 least my friends that are girls know im not out there just for sex.. i honestly don't care about it, but no of course not.. anything i say is a lie to get out of the house and go "play".. bunch of stupid bs..

    year and a half, and the bs ends..thank god.
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    Sorry your parents won't even listen to you. :hug: My dad tends to be that way, so I can relate to some of what you're going through.