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    Today I felt a way that I've never felt before. I'm not sure if it was a combination of fatigue, anxiety, or what.

    Today was the first day that we we're forced to run 1 1/4 mile in gym. It sucks, I'm not physically in shape, and I smoke, so I was choking halfway through it.

    When we finished running I felt tired, my lungs and throat hurt, and my legs throbbed, as usual.

    But sitting on the curb with other classmates I felt wierd. I'm having trouble describing it to myself as it is now, so bare with me.

    So many things flooded into my mind during a 3 minute time-gap. Besides all the physical pains I felt like I wanted to just go away, not even home, just away. I wanted everyone to shut up, I wanted silence but then again, I didn't want it quiet. I felt the urge to just bash my head into something, no reason. I wanted to cut, no reason. It was a horrible 3 minutes that has been haunting me all day.

    5-10 minutes afterwards, I was feeling physicall better, but I can't stop thinking of how I felt. I'm confused. I felt like I wanted to cry, hard to admit.