Never going to be happy

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    So I met some of the most amazing, funniest and caring people recently. Had a bloody brilliant time, made new friends, overcame fears, got a job and got into college. And yet..I'm still unhappy. I just wonder if I am ever going to be happy for more than 5 minutes, I don't think I am. I'm always sad. And the worst bit is, all those amazing people I have met have been torn away from me, and all I have to remember them are a few pictures. It's so unfair, it's like life is toying with me, to see how much I will take. Here is an answer: "Not much more."
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    Sorry things dont seem to get any better hun. But you have some truly wonderful friends here and we arent about to give up on you. Need a shoulder? Got two that are well broken in!
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    Thanks hun :hug: