Never going to be happy

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  1. Bigman2232

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    I know I'm never going to be a happy person so what's the point of continuing?

    I just don't think like the majority of people. I do things always thinking about how it will impact others. Will I make someone unhappy, will I hurt someone, will it just create a minor inconvenience, etc.

    I often try and help people as much as I can but it seems like no one ever cares about helping me. Everyone is so fucking self centered and it's all about how they feel.

    I just can't function in society and every time I look for work I just realize that I either don't know enough (even after wasting 5 years at university for a degree) or I just can't be part of that type of workforce.

    Why is everyone else forcing me to live a life I don't want?

    I HATE people and all I think about is either killing myself or one of them.
  2. Sadeyes

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    I am so sorry I do not have anything wise to say right now, but wanted you to know that I read your post and that I am truly sorry you feel that way.
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    I'm new at this whole advice thing but I know what your going through, I put others before myself too yet they took everything for granted and I couldnt function within the workforce as well.
    The hard fact is you need to put yourself before everyone else because nobody will do it for you, this also goes for everyone else hence why most people seem selfish. Just do things you like doing or try something new, I know you probably dont have the energy for it or think nothing will change but they will.
    You`ll start feeling more positive and that will draw people in too. Just dont think its over,,, I was in your position and now I`m glad I didnt do anything stupid or I would`ve missed out on alot that I`d never imagined I would do when I was depressed.