Never had sex, not sure what to do about it.

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    Only now in my late twenty's have I become comfortable with myself physically so dating, sex, a girlfriend never really crossed my mind until now. It recently dawned on me that I never even kissed a girl, never even attempted to, and that is kind of sad in a sense. I don't consider myself a sexual person even now, they say the average man thinks about sex every 12 seconds, I really think for me that number is significantly lower. But again it dawned Ion me that I never been in a relationship and I am lonely. I joined this hook-up site and was thinking of going through with it (assuming its legit you can never be to sure online), but I have reached a point where I want something more romantically and/or sexually but honestly have no idea how to go around to finding it.
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    I am not sure in your situation as you have described it is a case of looking for and finding it or simply being more comfortable and open to the possibility of it coming about. To "find it" you simply need to be in situations in real life or online where meeting partners is a realistic possibility. I think you will have more success and certainly more satisfaction if the goal is to meet people and be open to the possibility of it turning into something romantic and sexual as opposed to setting out with the purpose of finding romantic and sexual. That narrow focus on relationship makes it difficult to get to know people in other ways and successful romantic relationships are based on more than just sexual attraction. So far as the online goes - I am not sure if you are talking about a dating site or a hook-up site. I will say the competition on a hook up site while being purported as easy and simple is in reality far more competitive than even a dating site and that high degree of confidence as well as a high tolerance to rejection would be needed. In both situations understand people will be comparing you to many other potential suitors without the benefit of even knowing you so often they turn into a situation where the best salesperson (selling themselves) is more successful than the best person in general....
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    Never too late to learn to ride a bike, never too late to earn a college degree, never too late to get a driver's license, and never too late to start dating (which can lead to a serious relationship, even ultimately marriage and having a family)....
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    You can go on the hook-up site, only if you feel comfortable sleeping with someone you don't know well, having no emotional connection, and probably just it being a one-night stand. But if you really want something serious, then you should wait a bit longer. Since you've already waited this long, what's a little more? You may think you don't know where to start from, in terms of relationships, but you just start from the bottom up. Who knows, maybe you can find someone in the same boat as you, who can understand where you're coming from.