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  1. Kaish

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    I can't believe some people. I really cannot. A couple days ago I got word that a talk show would be doing an interview with my favorite musician and they're looking for fans to be in the studio audience. I applied and have been a nervous wreak since. Today I got a callback and I get to attend the show!! I am so excited. I posted about it on Facebook, and people said how that is not possible because she is not currently performing and is not in town at the moment. I quickly realized it is not a good idea to post this information, so I deleted the post, but I just don't get the need to challenge someone. I love this musician, but I am starting to hate her fans. Can't you just be happy for another fan? It makes no sense.
  2. Much afraid

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    Congratulations! ♥

    Sorry for the nay sayer response(s) on FB. Enjoy!
  3. snarrylover

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    Sounds like jealously and resentment. Just be happy! They'll soon realise they were wrong.
  4. Androgyny

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    I think the correct response was "Wait and see. :)"

    But anyway, forget them (and maybe FB altogether, I find it to be quite a toxic, narcissistic place, tbh), and just be happy with what you KNOW you are going to witness! :D
  5. Butterfly

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    Congratulations! Just ignore the idiots on facebook. Some people are so jealous, so bitter and have too much time on their hands that they have to criticise others to make themselves feel better.

    I really hope you enjoy the show! You deserve it!