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Never thought this would happen =(

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but, I have had enough. It's never going to change. I'M never going to change!! It would be better all round if I wasn't here anymore :cry:
No, they really wouldn't :( As I found out today I am unimportant all round!!
what is it that happened?

it sounds to me like you are a very sensitive person, and it is easy for things to get you down when you are sensitive.

please talk to us.

I bet that you are so totally wonderful and amazing and you don't even realize it! the messages that you deserve to get about yourself are not always the messages that you get.

are you responsible for the dancing giraffes that bear your name?

:Leiaha: :Leiaha: :Leiaha: :Leiaha: :Leiaha: :Leiaha: :Leiaha: :Leiaha:

oh and I love you too! :)


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This too shall pass. Or so they say. But I'm sure there are people who would miss you - it's just hard to see when you're really down.
I thought people didn't care a whole lot about me. But after I did something dumb, I ended up in the hospital. It was very serious and they transferred me via ambulance (lights and sirens on) to a bigger hospital, probably the most prestigious hospital in my state. My memory is scant, but I remember coming to, just for about 10 seconds, and my grandmother was there holding my hand with probably 8 or so family members behind her. I had family members driving up from 5hrs away and my mom driving in from 9hrs away. They thought I was dying. And they all came, they all cared enough to. And I thought they didn't care.

It's probably the same for you - they care...people just forget to show it sometimes. Sometimes we forget to show it too.
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