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  1. riz

    riz Senior Member

    I've never thought so much about dying.
    I've never spent so much time wishing for it.
    Never have I been able to set a date.
    I've also never had so many reasons.

    I'm trying to take care of myself.
    I went to the doctor.
    He put me on Prozac.
    Then told me I have Diabetes.
    And I have to spend much more money on treatment for that.
    I told the doctor that I wanted to die.
    He said, "Give me a week to get you feeling better."

    It's been a week.
    And I can't hold on much longer.

    I'm scaring myself.
    I've been ready to go for so long now.

    And the sad part is, if I had the money,
    I'd be gone already.
  2. psilocybin420

    psilocybin420 Member

    Hey hon,
    Sometimes its proven that SSRIS such as prozac,ect can make individuals more suicidal be careful hon about medications i know they messed with me i love you be safe you dont have to be alone.
  3. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    can you go see him again? i was very suicidal about 10 days after getting help, called the nurse and she said "get back to see the doc asap"... we worked on getting through it together. i didn't want to be a pest... didn't want to bother him but my thinking was distorted and he didn't mind at all that i came back again,

Thread Status:
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