New, Alone & Scared

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by monicaaaph, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. monicaaaph

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    Loneliness is killing me
  2. PhoenixFailed

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    I know how that feels. I'm new here too, but have found sites like this to be a lifesaver in the past. There are many people who feel similarly and want to help. It helps me feel more connected and I hope it does for you too.

    Do you want to talk more about what is going on? It is also okay if you do not feel up to it right now. Wishing you good things.
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  3. monicaaaph

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    I hope it makes me feel less lonely and more cared about because I don't really speak to many people about what's
    Going on I feel alone - and often no one is aware or really asks how I am doing so because people are actively checking up on me is a comforting thing.

    Yeah I would like to talk, I'm here for you to talk to also, feel free to drop me a message.
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  4. PhoenixFailed

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    Similarly, feel free to drop me a message or post--you'll get to know more lovely people here that way too.

    Wishing you only good things
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  5. monicaaaph

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    I will drop you a message later on tonight.

    Here's to better days :)
  6. Unknown_111

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    Welcome to the forum and the SF family. Please feel to chat to others in the chat rooms. You will find people in a similar situation who want to help YOU.
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  7. Rockclimbinggirl

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    Welcome to the forum. Hugs. Here if you want to talk.
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