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New And In Need Of Help

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Welcome to SF! I hope you have a pleasant experience here that benefits you more so than other websites you've been to.
Well can you give us some more details in what your going thru..We are here to help support you.
Well everything I guess just depressed and upset.
I'm a self harmer and have tried to kill myself 5 times.
I'm 16 and from UK.
I also have an eating disorder and schizophrenia.
I do nothing, ever.
Currently in sixth form.
And I'm just so tired of living.

So my little story I guess.

I'm physically and emotionally abused, both at home and school. I don't have any friends or anything. I don't speak, very little and only if I have to, I've never spoken to anyone about any of my issues.
I hate to be touched because I've been abused and I don't trust people, I'm far too scared to do that.

I really don't want to be here anymore. I've never wanted to be alive really and now it's getting so much harder each day I can't take it anymore.

Please help me.

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I Would hope you are getting some kind of professional help to deal with the trauma the abuse hun yu are 16 soon you can move away from the toxic environment you live in go to college get away start somewhere new. It is important to reach out fo rhelp okay talk to councillors at your school It took strength to reach out here hun so you can keep doing that okay
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