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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Saria, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Saria

    Saria Member

    I never thought I'd join a forum like this. It's kinda scary. Let me say first off that I really have never wanted to commit suicide, i was too scared to. I have always day after day wished for death though. (I'm not ashamed to say that, life can get really lonely and sad). Throughout high school i had hoped my depression phase would disappear but now, at 24 years old, it still stayed the same or just got worse.

    I hope I can eventually leave this place happy, or better yet, stick around to help others along the way.

    I guess it's time to say 'hello, i'm new, i'm a big anime and video game fan and looking for friends so i don't feel lonely.' ^w^
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Saria it nice to have you join our forum I know it is scary at the start it took me a long time to post Just know we care okay and no one will judge you here. You can pm me anytime hugs to you
  3. eagle

    eagle Well-Known Member

    hey, nice to meet you!

    you will meet a lot of verry nice people on here. i sincerely hope you make some great friends. :)
  4. black orchid

    black orchid Well-Known Member

    Hi Saria,

    Welcome to SF, hope you find what you are looking for here. :)
  5. lancashirelass

    lancashirelass Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to sf. We all found it harde to start with but everyone is in the same boat i am sure you will make plenty of friends. I am here if you want to talk.
  6. Mr. Goldstein

    Mr. Goldstein Well-Known Member

    I am glad that you did. Welcome!

    Please don't be scared or shy: we at really care for you.

    I feel the exact same way: I want to die right this very second, but I am too scared to do it myself. I want someone else to kill me.

    I am sure that a wonderful person such as yourself will be able to make great friends so that you will no longer be lonely. You just need to believe in yourself, like we do.

    What prescription substances have you tried so far to help with your depression?

    We need you!

    My favorite anime shows were Samurai Jack and the 2003 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  7. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. =]
  8. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member

    welcome to the site,

    no need to be scared.. we're here to listen to you

    take your time- and post when you feel ready
  9. Monoka

    Monoka Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the SF.
    i guess you found the site at a really low point. but i hope we here can help you and shed light where others would shy away.
    your in the right place
  10. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Welcome to the forums!!!
  11. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    Hi, Welcome to SF :)
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