New and Lost, Feeling so far away

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by faraway, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. faraway

    faraway Member

    I'm using a cell phone (blackberry) to try an communicate on this site. I am new
    And feeling so lost. I've posted twice in past two days. But can't seem to find my posts or threads to see if I received any replies. Can someone help me or send me a note. My user name is "faraway" because that's where I am emotionally. Thanks for reading.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun im here Im sorry you feel so lost right now I know using your cell phone it is hard to get on line You can pm me anytime ok hun you not so alone now you have people here that care hugs
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Hi and welcome! If you go into your own profile, there should be an option where you can either find your started threads, or your posts.

    Hope we're able to help you feel less lost.
  4. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    Faraway if you have a computer, you can link your phone internet to it, to come onto this site from an actual PC (one that has wireless abilities) or Laptop. To do this you'd have to go into your phone settings, head over to a section that will have a name similar or exact to: "Wireless & Networks". Basically you are looking for the internet connection or phone connection setting area.

    Once in there, You will see something called "Wi-Fi" it should give you an option to check mark it. Once you do, it should give you a password which you need to write down somewhere, because that password will let you connect through the computer. To find your phone network, you'd have to go onto the computer and check the wireless networks, and it would be called something you could recognize related to your phone. Click it, enter the password, connect.

    If you only have a PC, you can get a cord that connects the phone directly into it, to get internet through it.

    I am suggesting this, in case this can be done for you, because it really does make it easier to see things, and work through threads, and view everything. I didn't know it could be done until recently, but it has helped me a lot.
  5. faraway

    faraway Member

    Hi Samara, thank-you for taking the time to detail these connectivity options. Unfortunately I don't have a computer. My cell phone is my sole form of communicating. I am living in a shelter now since April and can't afford very much. But I am glad I can find a group like this one. I can at least reach out in a limited way.
    Thanks again for your kind reply. Faraway.
  6. faraway

    faraway Member

    Thanks WildCherry for your suggestion.
    I am glad I can at least reach out via the forum.
    I feel less alone for now. Thanks again. Faraway.
  7. faraway

    faraway Member

    Hello Total Eclipse,
    Thanks for your reply and kind offer. I may take you up on that as it is easier with a phone. My browser on my cell crashes now and then LoL.
    Thank-you, Faraway.
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