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New and nervous

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Hi, I'm new and very unsure.

I was on another suicide forum that helped me quite a bit but recently things have been occurring on there that made me feel like an outsider again, and I've felt like that all my life. so I started looking for a new safe haven and found here. I'm now just very nervous a similar thing might happen.

A little bit about me, I'm 22 and have been suffering from OCD, depression, major panic attacks, 2 extreme phobias and PTSD. I've suffered from as young as I can remember and don't know any other way of life. I've never been good with social situations so thought is try the forum for support.

Feel a little daunted by the size of this forum :unsure:

Oh, and I'm not to great at putting things into words lol


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Hiya KayErrol,

Welcome to SF. I am sorry that things didn't work out on the other forum hun, but we are a very friendly bunch here so don't feel daunted by the size of our wonderful forum.

I hope you can find the support you need and can build some good friendships. :hug:


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Welcome! You did just fine and get an A in my book for putting that post into words! If you have any questions about how this forum works or need help with getting around here, don't hesitate to ask! I bet you know the drill though, having been on another forum like this. ;)



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Hey KayErrol,
WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!! This is a friendly place.. You should have no problem blending in.. Just start posting away and you will meet some of us..


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well your welcome here :D We love new people. And everyone here is sure to help...

Im suffering from a lot too. If you need any support or just someone to vent to my ears always open


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Hi and welcome...we might seem big, but once you get to know a few ppl here, the size becomes very useable...so glad you found us and I hope you find comfort here...J
Thank you, I'm taking it slow getting into things this time, Im barely getting any spare time to get online. We are moving in about a month and juggling that and our daughter is more than a full time job. Only silver lining to being so busy is it distract me away from the depression somewhat.


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I was afraid of feeling like an outsider too, but people here are very friendly and nice, and this is pretty much the only place I haven't felt that.
I hope it works for you as well
Welcome :)

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Hi love your avatar Keeping busy does help yes I am glad you are here although large in size this place is very kind hun lots of people who understand and care


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Welcome to the family!

Glad to see you're here, reaching out and connecting. Anytime you need to talk, please know my PM inbox is available. <3

Take care!
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